Only in a small town...

by - 5/10/2008 09:19:00 PM

We get interoffice email thru outlook about which doctor is going to lunch, which assistant will cover which hall and other changes from the master schedule published in email each day. also, each day I have to announce to the office when I leave the building to get lunch, this really is a courtesy announcement and a way of letting people know you will be out and about town. Most times I offer to pick up whatever another may want while I am out. Then we all also have to announce when we leave for the night. Thank goodness we do not have to announce when we have to pee. Hah

So anyway, yesterday we got a great little email. It read: “RATTLESNAKE …There is a rattler outside the back door of the main building.” We in the back building run to check it out only to find out that it is a bullsnake, albeit a very large bullsnake. And within minutes 2 doctors and 3 assistants come out, they don’t run this fast to get to a patient waiting for them in the next room (just kidding). The first doctor out the door nonchalantly bends down and picks it up and asks one of the assistants to go get a pillow case. His plan was to bring it home and let it out on his property.

He brought the snake back into the office, walks through the front lobby past the patients that are totally aware of the snake matter now and for the most part, not a one blinks an eye about it.

Gotta love this small town!

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  1. I live in a small town too but after being bitten at 5 yrs old by a Copperhead I would have freaked!


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