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by - 5/23/2008 08:03:00 PM

Looking out at the horizon just as the sun sets from our back porch we feel thankful for what we have. Kind of wishing it was 50 years ago. A simple way of life was how I saw my dreams. Most of the news I would get would be from friends and neighbors as they would drop by and share their experiences with us. Today, we hear about everyone’s problems from all over the world. In between commercials the news tells us all the negative things that happen each day. Of course they put their own twist on things to make them interesting enough for us to want to hear.

When momma cowgirl gets interested in something she goes all out. Her blogging keeps her busy most of her free time. Being the kind considerate hubby I am, I take some interest in her new love, I mean hobby. I was very happy to see all the comments that she received on her thoughts. so i forced myself to read more blogs. Ok it wasn’t really that hard, but hey I am a man and need to complain.

What I found out was the blogs I read were just like the neighbors and friends dropping by sharing their life experiences with us. Wow! I was impressed. so as I sit on the porch, watching the sunset, I don’t have to wait for people to drop by. I just turn on the old lap top and hear about their day. Yup, I’m thankful for what we have.

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  1. You're darn right about blogs being the neighbors and friends telling how their day went. It's pretty darn cool.

    I've come to really appreciate my blogging buddies. I guess that translates to I'm hooked like your wife. lol

  2. I'm hooked, too! I love reading about everyone's horsey and family adventures. And more importantly, I get a lot of great advice and input, which is very helpful to me as I get back into horses and horse ownership again!

  3. hehe-- we are going to have to create a new blog for us... Equi-Parents Bloggers.... for those of us who are totally addicted.... ;)

    I like the homey feel of your blog, and stopping in is always a joy! A lot of us are up to our eyeballs in getting stuff done, so blogging is a great way to "get to know" our cyber neighbors, and to feel like a "part" of something. Works for me! Seeing people face to face is an area I dread, but getting to know folks this way is a JOY!

    Nice to hear from you there, Daddy Not A Cowboy! Looking forward to more here!

  4. Thank ya all for coming an reading. I enjoy so much hearing about other's experiences and life they are a livin'. Tis a small world and we should all be happy, be kind and share our kindness.

    It was nice to have Daddy chime in, he is a such a character and I can't wait to get him writin' something again soon.

    take care all!

  5. Blogging is a fun way to stay connected. Oh how life has changed!!

  6. i hear that Daddy Not A Cowboy! i have made some really good new friends through blogging... i have laughed with them, cried with them, and thank goodness so far not had to fight with anybody over their bratty kids, barking dogs or their horse bending up my fence lol

  7. well Im not a real cowboy but I do like dirt and large animals and the old cowboy ways....oh yeah, and especially cowgirl/momma


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