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by - 5/05/2008 07:53:00 PM

We have gotten several calls from the foster child we had and that was placed with another family a few weeks back. Early last week she calls us and says she wants to come visit us and that maybe one of these Fridays she can come over after school. We agreed that we would like to have her visit us one day.

Last Friday the hubby meets me in town to buy groceries, mostly for the little camping trip we were doing. Because I had a 2 hour lunch that day I went ahead and followed him home. I drive up the easement and just as I get past the entrance gate to our property, there stands the foster child. OMG, we were stunned. There was never a confirmation that that would be the Friday she wanted to come over. She ended up spending the rest of the day with my hubby, but the new foster parent had no clue that we had no clue.

It’s nice to know she wants to come visit, but golly… call us first and confirm!

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