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I happen to like a little bit of all different genres. But I tend to listen to country more than others. There is a new song by Billy Ray Cyrus that he sings duet with his daughter Miley called “Get Ready, Get Set, Don’t Go”. I actually like this song, Billy sounds a little like Bruce Springsteen, but too bad Miley is the co-singer, it would be so much better with someone that can actually sing.

Another thing, I have not heard a sexy song since Billy Currington’s “Doing Something Right”.

But now there is a song out by James Otto called “Just Got Started Loving You”. I must have listened it to about 25 times last night on my Zune player while laying in bed. When I first heard this song, I loved the feeling I got when listening to it, I didn’t even care if the singer was an old man of 50 something… HA , wait, I am 50 something. Check the video below, you will see he is not all that great looking and I was hoping for a much sexier video, but the song does it for me. (evil grin).

mmmm mmmmm

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  1. If you have James Otto's new CD "Sunset Man" there is another really "sexy" song at the very end....It's called "The Man That I Am."

  2. I will have to check that out. I have actually never heard of James Otto before this song.
    thanks for the info!


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