Camping continued..oh boy!

by - 5/06/2008 07:22:00 PM

When I called to make the reservations for camping this past weekend, I had originally called to the fair grounds, which in turn gave me the phone # to call to actually make the reservation. I called that number, made our reservation and figured everything would be great. We packed and left first thing Saturday morning. We arrive at the fair grounds, drive in and at the entrance is a sign that says the park manager is located in space 15. We make our way around to that space and out comes a guy in his leather pants, his red, white and blue bandana tied backwards on his head, his Harley Davidson parked near his trailer. He looks to be 60 years old, but I think that is just because he has a swollen, bubbly nose from too much drinking in his life. Anyway, he says there is no openings when I tell him we had a reservation. He gives a call over to another camping site and we are told that our reservation is for that facility. Which is 10 miles away. We figure we might as well go there.

We arrive other there at 9:30, I check in, letting them know how upset I was to find out that they did not ask which facility I wanted to be at when I first called because how was I to know that I there were 2 to choose from. They apologized and said they had a lovely spot for us there. They also told us about the amenities they have, which are cable hook up, water electric, there is an exercise room, a laundry room, a craft room and a giant big screen TV room. AND this place was a 55+ age community. What a crack up, I was fuming and laughing at the same time. So, we go to the spot that they have reserved for us and there is already a camper there. Back to the office we go. This is really getting FUN!

They ask us if we mind having a spot where we must back the trailer in, we said FINE. We look on the little map they give us and it is the tiniest campsite they have. It is also on the corner of which 2 streets exit at to proceed toward the exit of the campground. Can you spell NIGHTMARE.

The dog had a nice first trip out.

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