Preparing for Work

by - 5/30/2008 02:45:00 PM

Years ago in a land far far away(in Calif) I was getting things ready for work the next day…I knew I had to get gas and I don’t like doing that in the morning…..So I decided to get it that night. It was dark and a little cold. So I put on a dark hooded sweatshirt and pulled the hoody tight. When I got to the station, I got out of my little vw station wagon and went to the other side where the fill was. As I passed the passenger door I noticed something stuck in the handle.. The kids had toys called transformers…This one changed from a robot into a gun..can you guess what shape it was in? So I pull it out of the door handle and waved it around. O.K. its dark outside and I’m in a dark hooded sweatshirt waving a gun around. I threw the gun in the front seat and headed for the cashier. Gee, for some reason he was acting a little nervous. I gave him my ten dollars, I told ya it was a long time ago, so I pumped the gas. When I finished I got in the car and headed home. Oh, Look, I said to myself, there are 3 police cars headed this way with their red lights on. There must be a heck of an accident somewhere near here. So I’m driving home and I played back the last ten minutes inside the block that was inside my hoody. I heard a knocking and it wasn’t coming from the vw,s engine compartant I got so nervous my knees were knocking. I didn’t look back. Relieved to get home and in my bed, I decided right then and there to get my gas in the morning for now on.Oh Yeah and be careful with what kind of toys You buy your kids

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  1. Daddy/ Not A Cowboy, all I can say is... Dayum. You got downright lucky there! (This from a liscenced firearms holder, who carries and encourages women to carry.) Mighty glad you came out of that one wiht out any extra holes in you, and no shiny new matching bractletts ;)

    Be careful out there... ;)

  2. You had to be there. It was actually funny to think about it later and now we can have a good laugh about it.

  3. You have great stories. You should write a book. Your storytelling reminds me of Josn Grogan, the author of "Marley and Me" (great book!)

  4. thanks pony girl...I always try to make someone smile... and to get such nice comments kinda cheers me on...thanks again


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