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Late last summer we had an epidemic of these mangy things. The chickens love it, they run around like crazy trying to catch them, but one could not walk without getting a bunch on your clothing. These grasshoppers we have are big huge. One day when I was helping get groceries taken out of the back of the truck, I saw a grasshopper and it had 2 heads.

It was on a small mound of straw near the back entrance, it seemed to just creep away from me, not like the normal skedaddle they would normally do when one walks up near them.. I thought, wow, what a good silly thing to put in the blog. So, in the house for the camera I went and out again, I lean down and snap the picture and realize, this is not one grasshopper with 2 heads… it was 2 grasshoppers …um, ya know.

Geez, LOL at me!

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  1. I would COMPLETELY freak!! I hate creepy crawlers!

  2. Thank you for stopping by.
    Come again anytime.
    May all who visit here, please check out "Around the Funny Farm" blog at

  3. lol grasshopper porn!

    on our mini horse and big horse groups we get lots of "horse porn" in the spring because folks are always posting udder pictures asking "when will she foal???"

    but this was a first for me!


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