Camping Time Starts...

by - 5/01/2008 08:32:00 PM

Gosh , it is already May and this will be the first time this year that we get to take the toy hauler out to go camping. Hubby called me yesterday and said that we would be going camping at Linx Lake this Saturday. And I am quite excited about it... then after he got home from work last night hubby looked at the racing schedule for the little local dirt track at the Fair Grounds and they are having one of the divisions of the cars that I love to watch race this Saturday night, so instead of Linx Lake, hubby asked me to see about staying at the Fair Grounds and then we can just walk to the race. Calling now.....

Yeehaw, there is a empty spot and we can actually get parked by 8 am that Saturday morning. Another great thing about staying at the Fair Grounds is there is usually about 30 horses that get stalled there during this part of the year gearing up for the horse races that go on there, so we get to go visit each of them.

We will be taking Tank, our puppy. This will be his first vacation with us. Can't wait to see how he does.

Happy campers we are!

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