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by - 5/21/2008 09:22:00 PM

We have had horses for almost 4 years now. We have wonderful horses and have been fortunate that we can ride them as well as we know how and they are kind to us and mind very well. But it is time that we take riding lessons to be proper riders for our horses sakes. I feel I am quite comfortable in the saddle but my husband would like to have more knowledge so he can feel more confident when atop our beautiful quarter horse. She is 21 years old , 16.1hh and acts younger than our 10 year palomino. She was used in camps for kids for many summers. She definitely likes to go out and do the trail riding thing as long as she has another horse with her. We have worked with her about being barn sour and she has come along with that just fine.

So, in 2 weeks we start our class through the local college here. We had taken a class with this instructor a year and half ago for training the new, stubborn, or finicky horse and had a wonderful time and learned a ton. It was just in time for us because we had just had our new colt. We did have some input from other horse owners about imprinting and such, but the class did wonders for us green horse owners.

I can’t wait for class to start, it is but a few miles from home and it would be nice if we could ride there but it is down the highway where there is a small bridge that only has 2 lanes and no room for horses to cross. If we wanted to, we could probably go through state land, but it would take us a bit out of the way. So we will trailer them there.

And I plan on having a great time, I will take pictures (if I remember my camera) HA.

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  1. The class sounds like a great idea! I'm waiting for the second half of this year when I'll go back to having time to have weekly lessons - they just give you so much more to work on and look forward to!

  2. I really feel that the help we can get from a class will give us confidence and that can only be good for both us and the horses.

    happy horsin' around!


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