So far on this day off....

by - 5/22/2008 10:44:00 AM

I am taking too much time sitting here reading other's blogs about their horses. Me thinks I better get going and get my chores done so I can get back here and read more.
I am going to go out and groom the horses and I will have to get some cool pictures of my baby, Toby, his colors are vibrant now that his winter coat has shed off. His dam is our Palomino and his sire was a big beautiful Tobiano Paint. I have pictures to share of the conception HA!
Be back later!

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  1. Hey Momma/Cowgirl thanks for stopping by the ole' blawg!! Always great to have new people to meet and get to know. Trace Atkins!!!!!! I'm jealous!!!! The closest I've been to him is buying his stuff on Itunes! lol! Sounds like you have a fun busy life there on the ranch with all your critters. Those grasshoppers look gross! Yikes! I wouldn't want them on me!!! One day my friend and I were riding through some bushes that had overgrown the path and got covered with these little black worms! Gag! It was awful, we picked those off us the rest of the way home!!! Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Have fun doing chores! I can hardly wait to see pictures of Toby!


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